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September 19th, 2003 - Urban Decay — LiveJournal

September 19th, 2003

September 19th, 2003
02:17 am
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first time poster...
hello, all.

i just discovered this community, and decided i might as well join. i can't promise i'll be posting very much for a while since hosting my images is tricky; i'm getting my own webspace at christmas, though, and i do already have a digital camera, so i may post more then. especially since i go to university in derby (england) and it has lots of pretty abandoned places...

however, i do have something to offer to begin with.

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there's also a completely fabulous abandoned factory in derby that i've been meaning to get more photographs of, so as soon as i have, i'll put them on here.

this is a lovely community. :)

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07:51 am


Something I took on Vacation
Saw this in R.I. while walking along Point Judith.

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02:52 pm
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somwhere in moscow sometime ago:

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08:38 pm
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Hamtramck Polish Market fire
One of my favourite places to buy food in Hamtramck where I live burned down yesterday.
It was a unique and historic building. I will miss it.

More pics here

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10:21 pm
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cross-processed medium format

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