October 5th, 2003

  • ogo235

decayed transit photos

[this is a crosspost of an old entry in my journal. just felt the need to contribute to this community that I recently subscribed to and show my appreciation for the wonderful photos that have been gracing my friendslist. i'll post some more recent pics as soon as i get a chance. more pictures of decayed/underworld Portland are available on this website for our UE crew.]


Yesterday I found myself with no plans yet a desire to get out so me and my camera took a walk down to the NW Industrial district to see what we could find/shoot. Down by the train tracks, not a few blocks from my apartment, I found some spray-painted and abandoned train cars which I had not seen before. By the looks of them, they have been frequented by squatters and probably kids looking for a place to drink. Though I did not venture inside at this time, I plan to go back, possibly with an accomplice and see more of what lies inside. I present some photos of my excursion:

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