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December 31st, 2003 - Urban Decay

December 31st, 2003

December 31st, 2003
07:36 am


Worcester State Hospital
Read more...Collapse ) I wish there was a way in here.
I've been wanting to explore this place for ages.

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08:18 am


I was trying to locate some photographs
from an urban exploration project and
stumbled across this site.
Sincere apologies if it is common knowledge!
It's full of beautiful things.

ps. thank you so very much to everyone
for all the wonderful images.

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08:15 pm


old buildings
old town Lisbon

I'm sorry, i never remember where i take the pictures.

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09:33 pm


"To Leave Something Behind" (as says in the picture)

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10:23 pm


Nuthin' too fancy...(and Happy New Year, by the way)

My brother went on a little hike with his friends up to a radio towerish thing on a nearby mountainside...and on the way up they found a piece of urban decay furniture improvised out of some rocks, junk, and an engine block...

Displayed below is said towerish thing:

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