January 1st, 2004

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Here are some photographs originating from a rather small space that is hidden beside the old palace theatre in Manchester, New Hampshire (USA), a city having a population of perhaps 107,004 people that had at one time supposedly boasted some of the worlds finer textiles (the Amoskeag factories).

This was such an awesome space before being gated off; basically it's an area between several old buildings of maybe 200’ x 12’ where one could find an old formal patio, many sets of steps leading up down;around, and an extremely narrow alley that broke through to the other side of the block.

One of the sets of (fire escape) steps leads up to the top floor of the theatre were you could listen to an evenings performances and peer out over an evening sky and the rooftops of rusty old brick buildings. I know that these photos aren’t as awesome as some of the others here but I thought they were worth sharing anyway. The place is quite a scene; very desolate.
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hall entrance

I opened the door of this old building, then suddenly the landlady looked at me with surprise. "what are you doing?" oh, can i take a photo? "why?" i collect them "okay".

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