January 6th, 2004


urban decay

having enjoyed lurking here for so long, i'd like to contribute something of my own. the link above takes you to some of my relevant photos. they were posted long before my discovery of this cozy little community. i hope you don't mind them being slightly dated. below is another relevant image of urban decay, slightly more dated. however, i cannot take credit for capturing the below image myself. cheers to whoever can tell me the source [there is a bad pun/clue in the discussion thread]:

retro decay

Slightly new...

Firstly, I have to say I'm really glad I joined this community [and it's sister], as I take a great interest in thin's that are abandoned and returnin' to nature.

I don't have any photographs of my own to share [due to lack of workin' scanner]. Howeva, there are plenty on-line of one of my favorite pieces of decay that was savagely destroyed four years ago.

There was a roller coaster out on Coney Island that sat and rotted for ova thirty years. I was privliged enough to have seen and photgraphed this wonderful structure before it died. Sadly, there aren't enough people in this world that appreciate this sort of beauty, so I'm glad to have found these communities.

[photo by indiefilmpage]

Here's some links where you can view more photos of the Thunderbolt:



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Shreveport shotguns & Putt-Putts

Shotguns are the typical traditional rural house in this part of the country; you see a lot of them in the old, poor parts of Shreveport, mostly north and west of downtown. Relatively few of them are left.

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In the suburban-styled southwest part of town, where I grew up, there's an amazing number of abandoned stores and properties. This Putt-Putt went under... probably 5 or 10 years ago. I went there a few times as a kid; it's less than a mile from my parents' house.

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