February 17th, 2004

The Phred is in the Building

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I know there's been some debate about the relative merits of colour vs black and white going on in the comments side of this community for a while. It's not an argument I want to buy into, except to say that both have a long and honourable history and, when it comes down to it, it's artists' choice.

Similarly digital tinkering, whether small- or large-scale, while I'm not aware of anyone questioning its inclusion in this community, is simply the latest incarnation of a process nearly as old as photography itself: enhancing the image using "darkroom tricks". Whether the darkroom is literal or digital is irrelevant.

Something that all photographers may want to bear in mind, regardless of their chosen medium - black and white, colour, digital or "analogue" - is the permanence of the media.

While it may be odd to introduce such a topic in a community devoted to decay, it's an issue that will effect all of us at some point.

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