March 2nd, 2004

Coffee (Java Witch), Java Witch

San Juan, Puerto Rico

They're not the greatest images, but they're the best I could get without shorting out the camera in the pouring rain. Click on the images below to see the larger images.


Seaside urban decay.


One block off Ashford, the Rodeo Drive of the Caribbean.


The cemetery that I stumbled upon in old walled-city portion of San Juan.





Note the graves inside the arches.


Inside the arches in the previous photo.



Modern architecture just inside the centuries-old city walls.


Blue ceramic bricks that line Calle San Francisco.

If you're interested in more photos from the same day, the full lineup can be found here.

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Gene Johnsons Bridge to Nowhere, and my Goat Canyon Trestle Hike.
Genes shoot was about 10 feet away form a geocache I had placed and the trestle hike was more to see the trestle, but we also geocached while out there....
the hike was gruelign to saythe least....but i have wanted to see this trestle since I was a young boy. It's world famous and i finally got to see it. It's the worlds longest and highest curved trestle inthe world.....
I am going back in 2 weeks, but via an easier route.....

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Because I haven't quite gotten the hang of putting stuff up on the internet yet, and because I don't actually have my own computer (I have to use the library and cybercafés right now), I can't post the actual pictures up here (yet). So, I have a fotopage, with all the pictures I have developed so far listed.

Not all of these pictures will count as urban decay, but there area few interesting ones. So, if anyone would like to see them, they are located here:

They are of Valenciennes, France, near the Belgium border.