March 5th, 2004


The end.

This building is gone without a trace now; I captured some of its final moments.

I hope it's ok to use thumbnails instead of a cut tag. If this makes a mess, please let me know.

Downtown Miami, corner of .... I don't even know. Just look for a big vacant lot.

front.side, naked stairwell
demolished interior.demolished stairs from arcade to second level
alley behind what remains of the building
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Abandoned Paper Mill Series

A large abandoned Michgian paper mill - since sometime in the 70's. These photos were taken January - 2004.

Do you see the "face"? That "image" appeared when I downloaded this photo. Not photoshopped, and there was no visable fog in my cameras view. Should I have called, "Ghostbusters"? It must have been from the cold wind coming through the broken windows... I hope. ;)
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I work for an international English language school, and today I had to visit one of our branches in Hastings (UK). I found, to my surprise, that it is housed in a grand old fading seafront hotel with beautiful wood panelling, sun lounges, and chandeliers. Why didn't this information seep through all the important businesss talk about how I should go there?

The lift.


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A photo-tour of the Dead Zone around Chernobyl

By a woman who bikes there (on the theory that the radiation levels are considerably lower over asphalt than over organic matter) and who's father is a nuclear physasist who has been doing research in the area.

Includes pictures of Pripyat, a town of 50,000 people that had to be quickly abandoned... lots of stuff left behind that can never be reclaimed because of radiation contamination.

(I didn't want to steel bandwidth by hotlinking any of the images)