March 6th, 2004

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Littleton, MA

one of about 80 pics taken today at an abandoned roadside motel near where I used to live:

Kitchen burn

More to be posted as time and webspace permits. I only got into 2 of the buildings on the property today so there shall be another expedition soon.
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I've been lurking here a while and posting the odd comment or three but this is the first time I've actually posted images. I'm hoping this works as this also happens to be the first post I've made with the LJ client XJournal for Mac OSX!

Anyhow, in December 2002 there was a major fire in Edinburgh city centre which destroyed a number of historic (and otherwise) buildings. Below is a picture of what remained of the renowned Gilded Balloon comedy venue:

Looking down from Hunter Square

Here are another two images from around Edinburgh city centre, the first one is where the University of Edinburgh's Artificial Intelligence department was until the same fire that destroyed the Gilded Balloon, the second one is looking into what used to be the basement of the main Post Office on Waterloo Place.

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