March 14th, 2004

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I Just Watched The First Half Of a Film Called "The Stalker". It's a Russian Sci-fi-ish Postapoc Movie. I'm Posting about It Here Because It Is Full Of Urban Decay. It's Truly Beautiful. Wherever It Is That They Filmed It Is Scattered With Rotting Concrete and Bent Rebar. Theres a Scene Where The Charecters are Walking Through The Flooded Remains Of What Was Probably a Hospital, The SUbmerged Ground Is Littered With Metal Hypodermic Needles, Bedpans and Other Vintage Looking Medical Odds and Ends. I'd Suggest This Film TO anyone Who Enjiys Images Of Urban Decay. The Movie Itself Is a Bit Slow, I'm Hoping It Picks Up In The Second Half.
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decaying bridge.

this bridge is still open to foot traffic but has been blocked off to automobile traffic, for obvious reasons. local rumor has it that the bridge is haunted by the ghost of a young boy who jumped from it; his brother supposedly watched him jump. it's probably urban legend. there is graffiti on the bridge.

indianapolis, in.

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