March 16th, 2004

test pattern


Interview and Flash presentation with Rosamond Purcell, the queen of decay.

It's not so much whole buildings as junkyard-scrounged stuff rearranged (it's amazing what colors saltwater brings out in books); but her larger aesthetic is right up the alley of lots of folks here, so I figure I'd mention it.

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dramatic sky

Wow...a contribution from me?? Scary.

From around my apartment building juust north of downtown Minneapolis, MN.

Yo quiro Taco Bell. Not sure WHY someone tossed the thing up there, but's amusing. *G* View from the second floor window in the front of the building.

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That be it...once the busses go off strike, I might take a tour of downtown Minneapolis 'n snap some pics there. Who knows? Mebbe I'll pay St. Paul a visit, too...haven't been there in a while.
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The Phred is in the Building

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My favourite ever bit of graffiti, now longsince destroyed
to make way for another form of urban decay, prefab townhouses.
Southbank, Melbourne, Australia
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