March 29th, 2004

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Siemens Brothers

I found this weatherbeaten telecommunications device slowly oxidising in a hole in the wall of the fountains next to the Centrepoint Tower in London. The logo indicates it was manufactured by an earlier incarnation of Siemens.

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Fantasizing again...

Okay, all you amateur photographers and rural explorers... I have a request. My boyfriend and I have this (long-term) dream of finding an old, abandoned farmhouse and renovating it. I'm not sure that we are in place to do it yet, financially, but we're trying to get an idea of where to look. We like Oregon, Washington state, North Carolina, Virginia, upper peninsula of Michigan, Vermont and Maine... ideally, the house would be on a back road but not *too* far from a mid-size town. Also, preferably, the house would be c. 1910 or earlier, two stories, wood frame, with a fair bit of land around it, at least a couple of acres. Fallen down, half caved in, doesn't matter. Someone posted some photos of Glencoe Mill town in NC on RuralRuin (thanks!), and my boyfriend and I looked up the site. Apparently the houses that belonged to the mill are being restored and sold. Something like that would be *perfect*, but preferably an area that hasn't been restored yet! So, guys, any ideas?
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