April 3rd, 2004

dethlab portrait

last night we went to medical school....

infiltration: Wayne State School of Medicine - Clinical Research Building, Detroit, MI

(EDIT - more pix and cut for your pleasure - apologies if lj cut isn't working, it isn't working w/ my own lj styles. :(

this shot above is my favorite - the sun setting on the GM deathstar building with the ruins in front. i really want to make a book or get these out somehow. :/

(of course, ***I*** did none of this, it is completely staged and hypothetical; all the information herein was relayed to my by vagrant acquaintance explorer friends of mine of whom i know not their name address or contact info. mmm'k? ;) teehee.)

i don't even know where to begin regarding telling the tale of this most recent adventure - i've gone exploring in a lot of buildings throughout my life, but NEVER EVER EVER have i had the luck to be in quite the right place at the right time like this. atsiluth and i were coming back from getting lunch in greektown and we happened upon what looked like just fucked up construction site, i had the digital in my bag but the battery was pretty run down from taking retarded flash shots at foran's the night before. i had always wondered what that building was, it never really appeared derelict never mind abandoned. looks can be quite deceiving! we got out anyway and were in awe of the hulking metal and bricks strewn about everywhere. just as it was getting good, i ran out of memory and we quickly went back to my loft to load up on compact flash cards. that 6-floor walk up sure as hell seems less painful when you have an immediate goal and a rapidly setting sun...the light was beautiful as it was and i wanted to preserve as much natural light as possible. Collapse )

back tonight? we shall see.....
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New Here

Hi guys, i'm new here.

This is an awesome community as i really love seeing decaying buildings. We've got plenty since we have an old decomissioned army base (Ft. Ord).

Ft. Ord was a live ammunitions training base that opened in 1919. It was the home of the 7th Infantry Light Fighter Division. Most of the buildings date from WWII or the cold war era. There are HUGE training areas with live ammo still out there (i've seen photos of the training fields after they burned off brush and you literally could see shells every 10 feet or so).

It was decomissioned in 1994, 9 years ago. This presents me with great opportunities to get photos of abandoned buildings. Unfortunately i can't go into them, since most are either borded up or off limits (subject to arrest if caught). But, i can peek through the opened doors and windows. Remember, when looking at these that when the base was in operation, everything was kept painted, and the lawns and gardens were always neatly manicured. Funny what 9 years of neglect can do to a place.

The following are a few i took today. The quality isn't so good because i was trying to get in as many as i could before the sun sat. But i'll try another day to get clearer ones. Anyway here's what i did manage to get:

a washroom in one of the old buildings. Possibly a kitchen

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