April 4th, 2004

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this is in the back of my freinds apartment building. There is some debate as to what it meant. Some of us think there was a gas station there at one point, and some others think that the apartment house was really big and important at one time and this is where they brought deliveries. I really don't know. Click on the picture to see it larger.
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Menomonee Valley, Milwaukee

I was biking across the 35th Street viaduct Friday afternoon and noticed that there's a lot of grading and earth-moving going on down in the valley:

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This part of the valley used to be a rail yard.... there's a photograph of it during its heyday here. The old County Stadium is visible in the background; it's since been replaced by the more massive Miller Park with its movable roof. Also notice the turntable and the small building just to the right of the bright yellow sign -- those are about the only remants left today.

There are apparently plans afoot to try and save the two smokestacks as local landmarks: details here, along with confirmation that a road is indeed being extended through this part of the valley.