April 5th, 2004

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Me again. Please let me know if any of the pictures aren't showing. Having connection issues but i think they're all there.

I was able to go around Ft. Ord to places i've seen before today where the sun was still up (I do love spring daylight savings time... i get an extra hour of daylight). Anyway, the following are some of the places i've found just driving around. As always i never know who or what may be lurking around these buildings (Seriously, i do fear for my safety because you never know what vagrants may be out there).

This is one of the old office buildings built in the 1940's. Local fire departments had used this one to practice putting fires out. It's not easily visible from most of the roads. You have to drive around to find it.

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behind that yellow building there is the most dangerous area in the core of Lisbon. it's called Intendente. hookers, pimps, dealers, junkies are all behind that building. i used to go there, often i felt like taking my camera out of the pocket and take some shots...