April 6th, 2004

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oakland, ca.

Hi everyone, I just joined the community.

The inside of the old 16th Street Train Station in Oakland, CA:

More pictures of the station are here, and there are pictures of the old Lincoln Theatre (which has since been demolished) here.
dethlab portrait

infiltration #2, detroit

infiltration 2: Wayne State School of Medicine - Clinical Research Building, Detroit, MI

more exploring with atsiluth sunday night (i think?) my head and lungs are so filled with asbestos and snot i can't really remember...but all in all, the explorations were photographically well worth it, still much more bootay to scan (ephemera, radiation registration nameplates...fun stuff like that.)..but for now here are 24 more pix, all about 100-200k so be mindful of load times if you are on a crap connection... Collapse )

that's all folks for now...more scanning to do...
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my very own smiths cover rip off

We're gonna need a bigger boat

I found this boat in Long Beach, CA. Looks to me like it hasn't seen water for a very long time. Thats too bad because it looks like back in the day it was a nice boat. The thing is huge. My question to you is: does anyone know what this type of boat is used for? The shape of it is peculiar to say the least. Sorry for the odd lighting. The sun wasn't doing me any favors that day.

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