April 12th, 2004

test pattern

Ketchikan, Alaska

Taken today in Ketchikan, Alaska:

Click each for a full-sized version.

The first is a staircase in disrepair. The second is a larger staircase that's being repaired. The third is a sheer rock wall that's being giddily eaten alive by moss, ferns, grass, and dandelions.

the carlton

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I've just dug out my ancient SLR, a Minolta 7000. Shooting my sort of photos [low light, no flash] is difficult with a 75-300mm lens. It's time to ebay for a new old lens - I'm looking for a 28-200mm or 28-80mm. Any advice on lenses or cameras would be gratefully appreciated by me, bearing in mind that I'm quite poor at the moment. These photos are taken with either my normal point-and-shoot or the Minolta 7000 and I feel quite disappointed by this set.

shortly after this, the door opened, and she screamed at me to get away. as i made my getaway, i almost fell over the flowers by the door. a few days earlier, a dancer was murdered there [click]

hyde tower, westminster [click]

piss alley, off charing cross road [click]

call jasmine [click]

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Lisbon, portugal

this building is for poor people who cant afford a house. they give them free food and bed. also their houses were demolished because they were crumbling. so i guess this good for them. one day i' will go in search of their old houses, maybe...

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