April 13th, 2004

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lisbon, portugal
i found this scanned photo, before i had the digital machine. this is a cheap pension in a cheap street.

i had more fotos this kind, i will be lucky if i'd find them.

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it's been a while since I posted anything here, so here you go (click for bigger image):

Former GVB* Garage Oost,
Oranje Vrijstraatkade Amsterdam,
April 2004

* GVB = Amsterdam Public Transport
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St. Amaro, ~Lisbon, portugal

this is near the place i work, i'm not sure what exactly this was. i guess it was a warehouse, but then, all empty spaces seem like warehouses.

i found this fan behind these crossed wires, i looked around, couldnt get in. here, there's no problem even if you enter places you shouldnt. the police doesnt care.

there were two guys staring at me. i found one window open and took some fotos from there.

here's the fan...

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Ukraine, Donetsk area, Enakievo city, desolated factory of reinforced-concrete pipes.
As we can see, there was many reinforced concrete, so factory consists in it...

Entrance and tourniquet
Large area
Reinforced concrete flinders
Saracen tell me about what there was
This mean "Inventory number 01021"
Very good place for tree planting
On the top of towers we see windows even with pane. Maybe soon we'll climb up.
Reinforce concrete flinderss on the armature - it rolls when you push it.
Roofing slate flinders on the top of towers - it rolls by wind.
This mean: "DON'T CUT" Also we can read: "Careful! (illegibility) capture money in these places"