April 14th, 2004

Cloth Mother

London - Docklands

Taken with my 50 year old Canon and a tele lens on Kodak Portra film.
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Across the river from the ultra-modern ExCel exhibition centre with its beautifully maintained working quayside lies the yet unrestructured site of the former millenium mills. I wish I could get access to the buildings, but they're behind a serious perimeter fence, thus the tele lens.

I've got a handful more pics, but I'm a newbie and haven't worked out how to do a cut tag yet, so they'll have to wait. Oh, and hello, everybody - I almost didn't dare post because the quality of many of the pictures on here is amazing. I'm mainly interested in two aspects of photography - the kind covered on here, and portraiture. I haven't found a community for that yet, or rather, too many have specified 'portraiture' in their keywords. I'd be grateful for a pointer in the right direction. Thanks!
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Another from Mimico, in Toronto. Not really true decay, so much, but a crusty old unkept light-up house number.

I like the colour and shape of the digits.
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