April 15th, 2004


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it's kinda small, i love old buildings, i wish i didn't live in the 'new world' :p i hope i haven't posted this before, oh well, no one will notice anyways right? :) heehee.

Detroit, MI: Renaissance City

This series of images was taken in the summer of 2003 along the water front on Detroit, MI along Jefferson. Just North of the downtown area, in fact you can clearly see the Renaissance center from this location.

There are two main buildings involved here. One I don't know what it was used for, originally, that is. It would appear back in the day when the building was freshly abandoned it was used for a chopshop. The other used to be called the Global Trading Company and had a water front access with a shipyard in the front. Other then that, there is 'The Weed Spot', and the 'Dirty Car is a Dirty Shame' carwash.

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While in school I did a project where i designed a transparent house to be sited between these two abandoned homes. They are both very fascinating, whereas the burned home was very interesting to view from the exterior and the adjacent [intact] home was interesting regarding its interior state.

Both homes have since been demolished, they were located on East Forest Street in Detroit.
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