April 19th, 2004

Continuing on Vancouver

These are some pictures I've taken in the last little while of the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver. My digital camera is not very good, but I've tried to capture some things that express how I feel about the area (without falling into stereotypes involving taking pictures of junkies in alleys)

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this community is too gorgeous to be real. I love it. I am obsessed with bleak, rotting cities. I have a word for things like that, I call it sprawlite. I'm writing a novel called the Sprawl, which is about urban decay, amongst other things. I live in London and I like to take photos. Does anyone here know of any special places in London to take photos? Or any web places where I can find some gorgeous pictures of London?

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful =)

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Thoureau would be Thrilled.

As near as I can tell, "Walden Park" is a subdivision on the Northwest side of Austin, TX that never (well, until recently) caught on. Now it's starting to see a burst of activity as suburbia approaches with its overpasses and Wal-Marts. It doesn't really fall under urban_decay or rural_ruin, but hopefully it's still appropriate.

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