April 21st, 2004

  • azzie

Decayed jail.

I live in Savannah, GA; which includes such massive quantities of urban decadence of the lovliest kind. This is one such building, taken over by my college years ago-- a ten-or-so block stroll from my apartment. I have always loved it, since I first passed it on busses in my first year. It is domed and white & blue & violet; and so odd & early-century w/ massive windows. There is a four-story open enclave; wide, aired, sunny & completely sans roof. I believe it collapsed from early neglect.

& So I was walking about two days ago, to buy some fruit; & happened upon it; & asked a construction man if I could take photos-- as it is now covered in scaffolds, & hazardous. He told me it was an old jail; decayed, missing walkways & catwalks & etc. Without its roof, the central court must have begun to grow weeds; then vines & later trees; exceedingly green & engulfed in lushness.

I'm too mad for this spot, really-- I need to find a way to sneak inside-- soon, soon!

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