April 25th, 2004


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Artsy,cryptic messages left on rusty factory doors.

HUGE warehouse filled to the ceiling with piles of trash.I managed to find some old pictures,some new and expensive fabrics,and some old papers before some middleaged balding man drove by and yelled at me to leave.


Pleasure Beach

Pleasure Beach is an island-turned-peninsula off the coast of Bridgeport, CT. The land used to be home to a public beach complete with a brand new bath house and restaurant (both built in 1995), carousel, gift shop, local theatre, police dog training academy, and about two dozen private summer cottages, amongst other things. The only way to get on or off Pleasure Beach was either to drive across the wooden bridge from downtown Bridgeport, or to walk a mile long sand dune connector from Lordship, an area of the neighboring town of Stratford.

Then on a hot, dry day in the summer of 1996, a driver crossing the bridge tossed a lit cigarette out of the window, igniting and destroying the bridge. Hundreds of people had to be ferried along with their cars off of the property (the sand dune is a wildlife preserve). The city of Bridgeport could not afford to rebuild or repair the bridge so now everything on the island lays abandoned and in varying degrees of decay.

I go to Pleasure Beach fairly frequently, and these are a few pictures I snapped while I was there last. I have a bunch more but I have to find them before I can post them, so stay tuned.

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