April 28th, 2004

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this is a narrow street in Lisbon, in Cais do Sodré. Lisbon has a lot of hills. uff, i get tired just by thinking of climbing those stairs.

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this is on the place my friends used to buy hashish. in that place, it was paradise of urban decay, but with all the hookers, junkies, pimps and dealers i was very afraid my camera would be stolen. so i never take fotos there.

excuse me if this is not really decayed.
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Lazarus Warehouse & Offices - Columbus, OH

This building is clearly visible from the bike paths that follow the Olentangy River to the pointwhere it meets the Scioto River just outside downtown Columbus.


This is the side of the building that you can see from the trails...

I'm going to try this LJ cut thing, let's hope it works so I can put the rest of the pictures on here...
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