April 30th, 2004


amazingly amazing (and crossposted)

go right now -- yes, RIGHT NOW -- and listen to this recording of last week's this american life, designed with all of us </a></b></a>urban_decay and </a></b></a>rural_ruin and </a></b></a>found_objects people in mind. description below:

The House On Loon Lake.
The story of a young boy, an abandoned house,
the things they found there, and the mysterious
family who once lived there but seemed to
disappear without a trace.
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this is in porto, me and my boyfriend found this abandoned (i think) shoe factory. i believe it is one as there was one room with many children shoes. that's all i can say about these pictures. there were people sleeping there.

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The Lefferson Building


Since we first learned of this community, we've wanted to post pictures of this. It's existed in Bloomington for years, while most of the buildings around it have been renovated, or in many cases, demolished. It adjoins an alley which is almost like a little narrow street, and walking west you can follow the cable company's backfeed line from the downtown library to the headend.
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