May 1st, 2004

sorry to post this again

i tried to photoshop the pictures the best way. i usually dont photoshop them here. some i had a copy of two of them clear, so i just desaturated them (#1 & #5). i hope you find them better this time.

(again, this is an empty children shoe factory in porto, portugal)
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yesterday 8 of my co-workers got stuck in the elevator. i, being the only one who took the stairs, spent 30 mins holding open the door downstairs so they could have some air. i also took the time to take some photos of the rust on the bottom half of the elevator ;)

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the space under the elevator... about 7 or 8 feet below me.
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Wow! I'm contributing!

...but not with pics I took. *G* The following link is to a slideshow of pictures from Officers Row in Bloomington, MN (just south of Minneapolis, and not far from the Mall of America)...half of the neighborhood was demolished when the airport was built, and the other half left to rot...this is where the people stationed at Fort Snelling used to live up until the 70's, I believe.

It was schedualed for demolition at one point, but now there's interest in revitalizing the buildings...after the older pics, there are some decent ones of the buildings as they look today.

A friend and I have actually driven through that area before, and it's really very creepy, because of how utterly deserted it's like a ghost can feel the history, but it seems whatever feelings there were have turned to resentment towards those who still live, because of the neglect and disrespect.

Saw the article and thought of this community. :)
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gve me liberty or give me hot lesbians

the Bronx

Some random pillar, construction going on, and the coolest demolition truck EVER.

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Why do people look at you like you're crazy when you take pictures of garbage bags lying on the street? T_T
gve me liberty or give me hot lesbians

Oops, forgot a few.

My father is the superintendent of my building, therefore we live in the basement apartment. The basement has a lot of funky unused backrooms full of random trash. It's very cool and I'll be taking more pictures, but here's some to tide you over.

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wise owl

Urban Decay @ Alcatraz

Hi, everyone!

Allow me to introduce one of the most well known urban decay landmarks in California. Alcatraz. I tried to take pictures of decay, rather than usual "look, that's me in Al Capone cell!". Some of them are color, others are B&W. It's a pity, most of the structures are fenced off "for your own safety".

I put a couple under a cut, and the rest are here: Alcatraz

Power plant:

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