May 7th, 2004

my very own smiths cover rip off

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I have posted a few pictures from these sets before, but i'm making this post to let everyone know I have uploaded the full galleries to my website (thumbnails and all!) to:

Some points of interest are:

El Toro Marine Base
March Air Force Base
The Pool
The Farm

So some are urban and some are rural, but what can you do. I will avoid crossposting this to both communities since it seems most members of the rural community are members of this one.
Department of War
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FBI investigates underground tunnel requests

Although checking out steam tunnels on a college campus has been a long recognized activity for engineering and subterranian curiousity, post 9-11 has seen more stringent reactions to urban spelunkers by security and law enforcement.

It seems that a student at University of Texas filed a freedom of information act to obtain maps of the utility tunnels beneath the campus, and drew the interest of the FBI for his rather overt curiosity with a Federal terrosit threat response:

FBI Investigates Underground Tunnel Info Request

No less an authority than the Attorney General of texas issued the refusal to relase the information based on it's potential secuirty risk
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enhanced urban decay

i noticed this at the end of an alley near the grand hyatt hotel in melbourne, australia. there are similar works around the city, where bright paint has been splashed against a concrete canvas. it's quite nice, i think.

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