May 12th, 2004

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Porto, Portugal

it was nearly sunset when i took this picture, the little squares in the walls were reflecting the dim light of the sun and i could see only little rainbows.

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Metaphorically speaking...

A minimal vehicle left abandoned on the side. It doesn't belong with the complex covetousness of the materialistic rest. It does it's simple thing, so long as it can function well...and it is capable of doing things necessary to survive, but the more powerful ones would come to overrule it.

Defenseless and weak, a skeletal form easily ignored. Sitting there helpless and hopeless under the sweltering sun. It's left to decay all alone.

As it becomes inferior and downtrodden, the others continue on in their narrow and rushed path, speeding along in their comfort bubble - a lane set to follow by "them," whoever they are. But it doesn't mattter how this system came to be, because things are already easy and secure. Just go with the flow, not even to be aware of the destruction and suffering that lay nearby.

Not one is there to least not in this current state with this particular don't even cry.

And the world continues on, business ensues with trivial stress and chaos. Though I see you still laying there, with nothing to do except wait for death.

Be patient, dear. Don't let them win. I know you don't have enough energy to fight, nor the education necessary to know things aren't even alright. Hopefully soon, someone will realize your oppressively fatal condition, and change the way things are run around this corrupt street.