May 23rd, 2004

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The Fabulous Ruins of Detroit

"Now, as for centuries, tourists behold those ruins with awe and wonder. Yet today, a vast and history laden ruin site passes unnoticed, even despised, into oblivion.

Come, travel with me, as I guide you on a tour through the fabulous and vanishing ruins of my beloved Detroit."

(I'm getting a digicam soon! then I can finally upload the pics I've been taking. =) )
Cloth Mother

Roaring tube

I found this in the bowels of my old university, which is built into a valley. Vast swathes of badly lit service corridors, lecture rooms and labs stretch under the main campus. These need to be aired somehow, and that's where this tube comes in, roaring 24 hours a day with the spent air from the basement of the main lecture theatre building, at the University of Essex. It's dingy down there, and smells of wet concrete, algae and rotting leaves, so while it's not strictly speaking urban decay, I've decided to post it on here. I 'resemble' any remarks about my fascination with phallus symbols ;-)

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