May 28th, 2004


Check out the Charles-Atlas-style-arm!

The other day (Sunday, to be precise), we visited my 'old neighborhood' and had an apéritif with my friend Micheline. On the way there, I noticed that an Algerian bakery that had been on the corner for years and years had closed. The bakery had painted glass windows, like many older bakeries in Paris, with a pastoral scene of milkmaids or somesuch. Anyway, it looks like they must have sold the panels, because that section of the wall was empty except for... really old posters! I can't even imagine how old these are--maybe 1920s? I'm sure they'll be gone soon, as fragile as they are, but I'm so excited that they survived 80 years behind glass! (It looks like they are ads for a carnival and a poster urging passersby to strike--can anyone make out anything else?) Voilà:

Please do not reuse this image without asking me. Thanks!!
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Update on posters...

I looked more closely at the overlaid posters and discovered something wonderful! The first poster, at the top, is to advertise a regatta/boat company and a night-time festival on the Seine, with fireworks and other 'attractions' (thus, the strong-arm, I'm guessing).
The second poster is a (French) Communist Party poster calling for protest against 'the war,' in support of the USSR.
Can anyone help me with a date? Would this would be WWI or WWII?
p.s. Oh, and I think that there is a poster interspersed between the others than advertises transport to Africa?
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