May 31st, 2004

self in black & white

haven't posted in awhle

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Taken upstairs at a cafe/bar called The Spill in Peterborough. These upstairs rooms are rented to artists. 60 years ago it used to be somewhat of a small hotel. The owner is in a garage band called Money Money who have a jam room upstairs as well.

ahh Ilford FP4+ developed in Microphen how you never fail me. These are negative scans. I can't wait to actually make prints of them.
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Hey guys, i took some photos today of an old shipwreck, and a few other random ones that might class under 'urban decay'. Some of them aren't the best quality, and they don't all fit the theme, hence i haven't posted them directly here. However they're on my journal if you'd like a look. Thanks.

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