June 4th, 2004

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center of Saint-Petersburg.
burned chirch, there in USSR times was cinema. after 1992 it was combined with restored chirch.
so, here are photos about happened with it.

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Humber River

Tucked in beside more modern infrastructure designed to get people, cars and trains across the Humber River in Toronto this 19th century limestone sits mostly unnoticed. It would have been rendered obsolete by the higher level tracks and bridge of "the viaduct" - a long east-west earthwork with a variety of bridges and other structures built along the length of Toronto early last century.

The western footing now has an attractive bicycle path wrapping around it. For decades motorists and rail commuters riding into Toronto would have scarcely noticed this handsome, now leafy, artefact. With the bike trail more people will be able to appreciate the stonework of the day.

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Granby, CO

I thought this deserved a mention here...

Disgruntled citizen builds armor-plated bulldozer, levels a half-dozen buildings in zoning dispute revenge.

Story and video links:

hilarious live commentary: