June 6th, 2004

The Phred is in the Building

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Melbourne (Brunswick), Australia.
The interior of a bathroom in a partially-demolished house, shot by ambient light through the window.
The walls were lined with a fine version of corrugated iron, painted an odd kind of orange. This damaged 1970s mirror still hung on the wall.
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Multiple builings. Semi abandoned. An older rug-brick section and a larger addition. Next to rail line in The Junction area of Toronto. Blooming graffitti clued me in to the dormancy of this fair-sized plant that used to make hockey pucks and other sporting goods.

Local stoner kids were partying round back. Luckily I brought Agent LEON with me to provide motorized transport and force protection. The kids pronounced it "Vickaroy."

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Saturday's storm

I dunno about you guys, but I absolutely love photos in the rain. Having stolen my brother's digital camera for the weekend, I have some shots to show you guys. Blurry due to rain, so if that's not your cup of tea, I apologize.

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my name up in lights

Deco Decay

Was just north of St. Clair Avenue (Toronto) this afternoon. Wanted to grab some images - an Art Deco municipal building not in use. It was a transfer station with weigh scales inside.

Handsome, with mature maple trees out front but hard to imagine this puppy being creatively reused.

The area used to have massive stockyards and slaughterhouses near. A few smaller rendering plants remain and today they were managing to stink out the area with a smell that I won't try and describe except to say it made me sneeze a lot. Immediately south of here the suburbs are invading the city but this corner won't be changing much soon. A film crew were in here about a month ago. Hope they had their shots - not the healthiest looking place to be.

Intriguing yeah?

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