June 9th, 2004


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While I won't post the pictures here, my favorite website in the world may interest many of you - I live in Cincinnati, and one of my biggest fascinations is the Cincinnati subway - did you know Cincinnati has a subway? Well truth be told, most people in Cincinnati dont know either, because the half constructed subway was abandoned in the late 20s, early 30s. So what remains are these gorgeously haunting tunnels and portals... its amazing how many people dont know what the portals (which are visible from the freeway) are for... my obsession!

Anyway, while i have been in the tunnels, in order to take pictures you need one incredible flash because it is so dark, and i dont have that. But this website does, as well as an history of the subway. I didnt want to just copy and paste the pix here, because they are his pictures, so i wanted to just link you...

I really hope you find it interesting!

Cincinnati-Transit Subway Portals

Cincinnati Transit - Race St. Station
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