June 10th, 2004

lisbon, portugal

this is an old building being reconstructed.
all old building had a certain colour at a certain time.
this was was yellow. they will probably change the colour, again. in 1775 (if my memory is correct) there was a big earthquake in lisbon and a big tsunami. it was sunday morning everybody was at the church. half of the peopulation died. this building has been probably recontructed various times, since then.

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2 links & some more Parkdale

Hey kids, here's an article of interest from Metropolis mag. The focus is a particular building in Detroit - right up our (decayed) alley. Also Studio 360 did a show on a post industrial theme not too long ago that you might like.

Biked around the corner to the Queen Street Subway with a camera. Here are a few pics - an unavoidable piece of local infrastructure. Awkward for pedestrians, buses, traffic and bikes. Construction of this underpass caused Parkdale to go broke - resulting in its annexation by Toronto.

Five or six main rail lines used to cross here on the way into Toronto and there were several passenger stations at Queen Street. Only four lines now and the stations are long gone. One of those heritage done deals I'm afraid. A disused fifth line is undergoing conversion shortly to a rail trail (yay!)

Dedication stone:

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Exhibit in Boston: Big Dig Art

[I hope this is appropriate. It's not got urban ruins art in it, but it's about urban ruins art that folks in or going to Boston could go see, and since of late there's been a bunch of Bostonians posting, I thought it would be of interest. Apologies in advance if it's not appropriate; moderator, please delete if so.]

Today's Boston Metro had an article about an art exhibit opening tonight called "The Big Dig Art Exhibit". Sounds right up our alley. Quote from the story:
Robbins' works make the small feel grand. One piece, titled "The Expressway," is a close up of rivets on a filthy, peeling column. It resembles like [sic] the side of the moon -- were the moon made of green cheese.
Vital info from article: It's running through Sept. 8, at the Onyx Hotel, 155 Portland St. (near the Fleet Center off Causeway Street) Boston. It's free. For more info call 617-557-9955.