June 14th, 2004

naked mole


I can't direct load these as its on fotolog.net, so here's the link to my old fotolog account which has some urban decay images.

The ones which are Urban Decay like are this, this, and this.

All of these were taken at an old hosiery factory which is now being turned into yuppie apartments here in Melbourne, Australia. The last bit was the roof of the factory.
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after the flame

We just got a new scanner I can't quite figure out yet, so the quality might not look the best...
but here's a couple shots of my aunt's house in Oregon that caught fire.

The back door.

The kitchen window.


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Photo - leaves

More from Derby.

This is a strange door found between the off-licence and a chip shop on Friargate.

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One presumes, from the over-abundance of letterboxes, that it was once the entrance to flats on the floors above.  It still might be.  Who knows?

In Chicago

Being from Toronto, I'm not used to seeing elevated rail structures everywhere lest the ones from abandoned lines. If I had more time to explore I would have gone for a walk out in Skokie to investigate, as I'm told that there is one there that I'd enjoy.

I stayed next to this bridge which is on the red line, and every 4-8 minutes, a train would thunder by into the station, 24 hours a day. At first it bothered me, but after four days I am used to its sound and the shadows the cars cast on the wall.