June 24th, 2004

The Phred is in the Building

Moderator Post

No small controversy has obviously arisen in the past few days regarding a post that featured an image of a homeless person.

While I need to do some further investigation regarding the standard and tenor of comments - flaming is not permitted in this community, and will be followed up on when I become aware of it - the subject of the photograph, in the sense of the urban homeless, has been presented before by other posters. In other words, there is a precedence for this kind of material in this community.

While I have always had reservations about the appropriateness of such posts within the "Urban Decay" context, my general policy is to leave the overall decision of what is and isn't acceptable to the communty as a whole. I'm dictatorial only in the context of spam and oft-repeated links.

In this instance it's obvious that the issue of homelessness as Urban Decay is a contentious one and, coupled with my own personal unease as mentioned, and a recognition that every person is deserving of respect, regardless of their circumstances; images of people where the person is the or a primary focus of the photograph [that is, where the "Urban Decay" concept is being implicitly applied to the human subject] are henceforth banned from this community, and will be deleted if posted.

This new rule will be added to the official rules (found on the community bio page) once I've had time to wake up.

freundlin, I will delete your post - not because I necessarily disagree with it, but because your point has been made and, following this procedural post, is likely only to result in further confusion and flaming of your in-box.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the debate, although a few of you will be hearing from me later today regarding the appropriateness or otherwise of comments made - on both sides of the argument. I reiterate: flaming is not an appropriate means of communicating anything, and is not acceptable in this community.
naked mole

Some of my most "decay" like pictures.

Old hosiery factory, vacate before they demolish it to become yuppie apartments

More photos (I'm trying to not use up my host's bandwidth) taken in various inner cities of Melbourne, Australia:

Alleyway in CBD

graffitti in city laneway

Old Chef Factory, Melbourne

Peeling paint on wall in old hosiery factory

Old fashioned petrol pump, Melbourne

Peeling rusting fence advertising Melbourne Bitter beer

(no subject)

I once was walking around the CBD in Melbourne when I stumbled upon some construction work just off a walkway off a laneway off a street etc off Elizabeth.

Anyhow, it's nice to see so many Melbourne contributions. This is my first!

my name up in lights

Long Branch - Canadian Arsenals Ltd.

Water towers are it for notholden. If you live near one please post it. And if you like them please visit my Simcoe American Can post on Rural Ruin.

I remember this one from when I was a kid and there was still a functioning plant under it. The plant was demolished in the 1990s and the site is under "remediation" - a few photos from this afternoon...

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