July 11th, 2004


Office Reject....

I posted this today on another gallery I've recently joined, but felt I should share it here as well...

Office Reject

A few miles away from my house, near a major highway, is a lot with an abandoned farm house that I believe once served as the office for the local truck yard. It's odd to see the lot and the house sitting there since the area has long been one that's zoned primarily industrial -- truck lots, warehouse buildings and storage units surround it. I daresay that it isn't much longer for this world, many of the ruined lots in the vicinity are undergoing "rehabilitation" so they can become useful, tax-revenue generating business lots.

Having fallen into disrepair in the past few years it's been trashed time and again by the local youths. When I last visited it in the spring I couldn't help but notice this dessicated chair that had seemingly been thrown out of an upper-story window to lay in the back yard and rot with the rest.

Taken in Bolingbrook, IL, South of I-55
April 19th, 2004
Minolta DiMAGE 7

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