July 13th, 2004

dethlab portrait

urban exploring: detroit

more exploring with atsiluth! (x-posted to personal lj)

(friend locked due to activity of questionable legality...hehehehe)

Metropolitan Building, Detroit, 33 John R.

more on this building HERE from detroitblog - i so wish i knew who in the hell this person is (its not my blog, but so damned cool)...it seems we frequent all the same haunts, both abandoned and not - but i so understand his not putting any contact info due to the aforementioned questionable legality issue...poop.

basicially we staked the place out earlier in the day, noticed a gaping opening and decided to go for it after much waffling...although we much preferred to go into somewhere that hadn't already been so obviously opened, who knows WHO was in there already taking up residence...after our attempts at other locales were thwarted - one turned out to be much better secured than originally thought, and then when we looked inside it looked boring as all hell and not worth the risk anyway...we decided not to make the night a total loss and went on in anyway.

it had been pretty much all stripped from a previous attempt at renovation, so there was little or no emphemera to look through, but the building seemed surprisingly structurally sound and the mosaic tiling/painting was BEAUTIFUL. we hope to go in again at dusk or earlier to photograph that in the light. hopefully tonight or tomorrow night.

much more exploring needed - i win 100 chickenshit points - after looking around for 10-15 minutes and probably not being as careful about flashlight use as possible (this was at about 2:45am)we heard a bullhorn (which i automatically assumed was for us...i was thinking it was GET OUT OF THE BUILDING...or something) but it was so echoey and muffled i and my heart was going 8000 bpm i couldn't make it out. it could have been for any number of other things going on in our fine city...anyways, we huddled there for a good 10 minutes and made our way to the opening without ever going upstairs so i wouldn't pee my pants. ghey. better safe than caught i guess. sigh.

after that, went back to the demolition site of the Wayne State Medical Research Labs and poked around a bit. all in all a worthwhile night. more soon.