July 28th, 2004


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This house doesn't seem all that decayed but it certainly is.  There's another one that's run down and boarded up right across from it.  We dubbed this one the "funeral home" on account of funeral paper work all over the inside of this place.
I have a ton of photos from inside this place from about a year ago.  When we would visit these houses on a regular basis they were out in the middle of a huge empty field.  Mostly dirt, rocks, grass and some trees and bushes..  Now, if you look towards the left side of the photo, the two houses are surrounded by a brand spanking new sub division of neat little houses all with identical siding.  It was very odd to find these houses surrounded by pure clean living aftering knowing them as being in an empty field for so long.  And they're quite a contrast to their surroundings.  I'll try to take a better photo some time to show the contrast a little better.
I hope they don't tear them down, They're amazing houses, they just need a little love and renovation for them to be livable again.

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UD Lit Refs

I'm trying to gather literary references to urban decay. If anyone can toss me suggestions that would be tres cool.

Here's one for you: A Scientific Romance by Ronald Wright. 1997. Random House.
Time travel, jungle London, a one-eared black panther.

"Brings Ronald Wright into the fellowship of Orwell and HG Wells"
-Alberto Manguel



Greater Toronto Area, Canada

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I took these photos a few years ago.

While this is technically urban renewal, there has to be decay in order to renew.

In any case, it's interesting to see a house stripped of its outer skins, and to have its structure exposed in such a way.
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Hello there...

I'm new.

I've taken a few urban photos in my time, so I thought I'd join and see what everyone else is up to, and also if anyone else likes my urban stuff...

I would ask one thing, though, if you DO like my photos tell me WHY. The same goes if you don't like the photo; tell me WHY. If you can't think of the right words to describe what you're thinking, give it your best shot still... I may be a professional photographer, but I'm still learning :-)

Anyhoo, here's a photo to get the ball rolling...

Colchester, UK - Full Moon
Colchester, UK - Full Moon

The photo was taken on a veery long exposure, around 30 seconds, one dark, beautiful night in England...