July 29th, 2004

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Hello! I just joined here, and these are my first (and so far, only) urban decay photographs.

These are some photos from an abandoned apartment complex in Orlando, FL, near the Orlando International Airport. First time I found this place, I was driving all alone and, despite it being the middle of the day, I was extremely creeped out. I went back with reinforcements and snapped off some more photos. I don't think these photos really excel as my "best" work, but I look at them and just remember the experience of being there, and it's creepy enough for me.

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Okay, so more 'decay' this time...

One person complained that my photo wasn't 'urban decay' enough, which to be honest was quite correct...

So I thought I'd go a little more 'decay' this time.

University of Essex, UK - Abandoned Bicycles
University of Essex, UK - Abandoned Bicycles

The developments above the divide are all completely brand-new, the area below is pretty much derelict, and every single one of those bicycles is labelled as abandoned... I'm sure you can draw some other rather obvious contrasts, but I'll let you decide on that... :-)
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