July 31st, 2004

outdoorsy me

old mine remains

i went on a bit of a photo adventure today. just hiked around some old mining buildings down the street from my house. i'm kind of new, so if these are inappropriate for this community let me know, i've been a bit confused about this journal's definition of urban.

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all photos taken today on douglas island in juneau, alaska.

reason for lush covering of vegetation: i live in the tongass national rain-forest. it's very dense.
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OK, so here's a bit of a weird one for you...

Taken one night, out on the East coast of England, in Brightlingsea.

It's definitely a bit weird; I posted it on 'fotography' a little while ago, asking people to convince me ot either like it or dislike it - I'm a bit in the middle, see?

So, yeah... tell me what you think :)

Brightlingsea - Out to sea
Brightlingsea - Out to sea

You can find exposure and camera details on my site, if you're interested :-)

Again, I ask, tell me what you think!
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