August 4th, 2004

Bristol, England

this is an area of bristol called stokes croft, which borders on st pauls, the most run down lower income areas n the city. this buildin still doesnt have any definite identity in terms of what it was used for, because the lower floors gave the impression or offices or shops, and the upstairs had wallpaper. though these could have been split use areas the lift shafts and the stair cases continue through the same routes in the building, and there doesnt seem to be a residents entrance.

but anyway the photos are here :

(the last few photos are nature work done about a month earlier, feel free to browse or ignore)
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Sometimes things fall apart…

…and look so beautiful doing it.

Although originally three separate pictures, I thought that together the colors playing off each other was visually much more powerful than seeing each on it’s own.
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Ephrata, PA

Spent last Sunday wandering around Amish Country in Pennsylvania with my brother and sister-in-law. Found this incredible complex of buildings in the middle of Ephrata PA - no clue what it was, or why it has been left to decay. It's really a shame, since the buildings look like they could have been restored a few years ago... Now holes in the roof and crumbling foundations make it seem pretty much a lost cause.

I would've loved to have gotten a closer look, but it was behind a fence, and in the middle of the day on a Sunday, in the middle of town, there were far too many people around.

**EDIT** Found it! It's called the Mountain Springs Hotel, and it's been bought by the city and plans are underway to renovate it. The main building was originally the Konigmacher mansion. Yay for Google! *grin*

So apparently we were all right. It was originally a private residence, then a hotel, then a hospital. And now it will be going back to a hotel. I'm writing up a brief history of the building, as much as I can find, and will be posting it here when I get it done. :-)

Ephrata 1

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Sorry about the cross-posting, but I couldn't decide whether this was more rural_ruin or urban_decay. :-)
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The Derelict Sensation

Hello all, Here is a UD link I thought might be worth a look - photos, a forum, various goodies.


"The project is an interactive collection of texts, interviews, video and art pieces that will attempt to kick-start a debate about the different kinds of value 'derelict' buildings can have in our lives. We are developing this website, and plan to produce an anthology."
--from site
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My junior prom was held at the building on the other side of the 4 story. At that point the building still had all it's old windows. My date and I stood in the doorway you see in this picture and had pictures taken. They were pretty fantastic. So when I went to take pictures the other night and found all the windows gone I was pretty heartbroken. A lot of the buildings in this compound are now up for lease, or are being demolished. Pictures can be found here