August 5th, 2004


Prague Decay

I think Prague may be the City of Decay. There's beauty everywhere, and it's all coated with soot, dirt, graffiti, the acid of soals pressed into a city with more history than sense. I stayed in an apartment that looked out, less than a block away, on the Suicide Bridge, near Vysehrad.

Floor in the stairwell of the apartment building.

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Edited: Thank you to everyone who commented. I don't want to keep saying "Thanks," -- I'm starting to sound like an LJ-equivalent of a broken record! But I appreciate all the comments!
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Migrant worker slum

I would have liked to photograph every! house in this place but the light was bad/ the neighborhood was scary and I later found it was condemned from the sewage running into the streets ( read dirt roads ). Looked like the people in this place just up and left :-\

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