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Urban Decay

August 8th, 2004

August 8th, 2004
09:01 am
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Mystery Complex
I don't know what this used to be, but it's in Signal Hill, CA.

This is from the "back."
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All these shots are through chain link. I couldn't get inside. Notice the lack of graffiti.

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10:20 am
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01:49 pm
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Young people understand urban decay-- they notice it, at times, more than adults.

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It’s my first acrylic by the way.

All comments greatly appreciated.

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04:53 pm
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I've gone digital!
Yippie! I finally bought the digital SLR that I've been wanting for what feels like forever. Anyway, just went out and shot up an entire 128mb (the largest we ever needed for our compact, I'm planning on getting a larger card soon) and took a whopping 41 pics. Lots of just messing around but here are three that I thought came out really well that I wanted to share.

I'm in love with the colors. It's great not having to scan in images and then adjust them too look like this.

Old building this wayCollapse )

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11:17 pm
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not sure whether this belongs here or not.
feel free to bash :)
It was taken in downtown Athens' flea market.
Just below Acropolis.

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