August 9th, 2004


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It's a sad, sad thing when a playground dies.

So, we should take time out of our busy grown-up schedules to revive a few.

My best friend and I took a whole day to go to old playgrounds that even the kids have abandoned. They're metal, and dangerous, and therein lies their appeal.

This is one of my favorite pieces of playground equipment ever. I remember playing on it as a kid, and even then it was old. It has been painted several different colors, but my guess is that it will never be painted again. Most recently, it was aqua-green and orange. The reason I think that this wonderful planet-y thing's time is limited is because near it used to stand a giant caterpillar for climbing on, and it has disappeared, most likely do to its deterioration.

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If anybody has any guesses as to when these playgrounds were new, tell me. All my friends are curious. So, if you remember, or just can guess, go ahead.

cross posted to both urban decay and rural ruin. I don't know which it is more appropriate for.
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this is a picture taken on the property of the juvenile detention center where i work, on the outskirts of boston... the window isnt part of the center, but its in an abandoned building adjacent to it

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nfi shelter care

this is the actual place that i work at, in a major state of neglect... it's state run, and massachusettes would rather screw up the streets with unfinished projects than fix nearly condemned buildings for youthful offenders...

i love it here though... quiet and solitude so close to the noise and mess of boston
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'hope this is tolerated, but I noticed a painting recently, and this image is composited from photos of the kind found here, a desktop background I made a few years back intending to do a series (and, three years later, having made no more yet).

I've been lurking for some time, enjoying this community's content enormously, but am no photographer, so was content to gawp, but perhaps this is appropriate.

(image links to 1024x768 version)
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Inspired by notholden

I think I looked at sooo many signs this weekend that when I saw this one I snapped it.

This Drug Store is actually still open but the place just looks so decrepit, like the sign. It looks great in photos but it can be kind of intimidating for customers.

The former Celotex plant in Lockland, Ohio.

I've noticed the taggers have found a way in, but there seems to still be some activity on the site.

This would be a great photoshoot but the site is now slated for redevelopment, which means it's only a matter of time before it all gets leveled.

Anyone been in there or know a way in? Anyone want to check it out? Beuller?
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Collingwood Grain Elevators

A follow up from my post about a month ago, with my single picture of the Collingwood Terminals. I went out on my bike today to get more. Unfortunately, this was the only time I could take these pictures, and the way the sun was placed, they turned out a little dark, but...

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Cross posted to rural_ruin, since I don't know if this is considered urban or rural.

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There was a similar sinking of drainage on the other side of my apartment building a few weeks ago and I'm starting to wonder whether or not I should beef up my insurance policy soon.