August 10th, 2004

Sometimes life is a bit slanted
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Rusted Spiral

Taken with the old Rebel

I really loved the colors from this door when I was there and saw it threw the lens but I don’t think that the colors came out as vibrant as I thought they would. I think that I’m going to go back with the Digital and play around with my exposures. Anyway, although the colors are not what I was hoping for, I still like it for other reasons.

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Plane Decay

I decided to hunt down the plane graveyard near St. Augustine a week ago. Finally found it and was disappointed that the area is fenced off but I was able to get a bunch of shots anyways.

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Comments are appreciated


hi. i am trying to get a digital camera and was wondering if anyone could give any recommendations. i want a quality camera, but it doesnt have to be professional grade. maybe in the ballpark of $250? any comments and or suggestions are appreciated. please and thanks.

How Long Garbage Lasts

Anyone remember how in the summer of '89 Coca-Cola released special edition "art cans" of Coke? (In North America.)

Today I went through a hole in a fence, and down into a ravine, to attempt a bit of exploration and photography, and I came across this:

I couldn't help but be somewhat stunned by how someone dropped their pop can there 15 years ago, and it's still sitting in the same spot and in one piece.

(Please, put your garbage in the proper receptacle. It's the bad kind of urban decay.)
Blonde Quiffage

Broken glass

Images of the wall out back of my house. It seperates my back yard from the alleyway behind. The glass was all there when I moved in, and a lot of the walls have it. I doubt it's entirely legal or safe, but I suppose it keeps the scum from climbing over.

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no fans, no filters

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It's about time I make a post in here.

A little info about these pictures: These were taking in Merritt Island, Florida. A small 30 mile strip of land set in between Melbourne and it's beachside towns. This is my friend Nik's grandfather's house. It had to be the creepiest house I've ever encountered, too. Everything in the house was set up as if guests were coming soon, though you know they weren't. There was also a "jungle room" near the pool that was a sun room with glass walls and ceilings. It was filled with jungle and tropical themed furniture and adornments. It was insane. Here is the abandoned pool. You can see bits of the canal in the background.

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Thanks for taking the time to look, hope you got something out of them..I can't wait to go explore that house more some time.

- Thea.

the baker hotel

well i thought i'd post this link for this site and some of thep hotos on it. this is going in urban because it is in the middle of a small city. it's one of those sad stories you probably don't want to here. The Baker HOtel was once a thriveing 500 room hotel back in the gangster days of the 20's and 30's. It has been pretty much left to rot sence the 1960's however..and the pictures of the outside, and inside are lovely.

it is completely closed now, thier are no longer tours allowed inside of it because the City of Mineralwells has decided it is not safe for people to enter... they probably do have a good reason for this, i hate to say. it is also for sale for the sum of 3 million, however a lack of intrest due to location primarly has kept her from being bought.