August 11th, 2004

john galt, atlas shrugged

subUrban Decay

I just got a brand-new Nikon D70 today, and walked outside to see what I could see.  I noticed I didn't have to go far to find decay.  My own house could use a little love.

Can't wait to get out and explore Connecticut.  We have some very old, very decayed things around this state.

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Eternal Sunshine


A couple pics of this building were posted a month or so ago, in this post . It's located in Elkins Park, PA, and right across from my school, so I decided to take a few pics while I was in the area. It started to rain, and I can't really get inside the grounds, so what you see is what you get!

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urban decay history

I remember when I first noticed abandon buildings. I was about 10 and we were driving through the rust belt in Pittsburgh where my father and mother grew up. They both came from steel mill families. In the 1960s the first wave of free trade agreements made it far more profitable to produce steel overseas—most of the steel mills closed.
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But, I think it is important for those of us who are drawn to abandon spaces to take the time to find out why they have been abandoned.

Oh—here is the obligatory urban decay photo—this is the inside of a building in Harlem—now under renovation—there is lots of renovation happening and while I’m ambivalent towards gentrification on the whole it’s nice to see much of Harlem "alive" again—to few people seem to be asking why it died in the first place, though.

So, what have you guys learned about the places you photograph?

False ruin and real ruin...

I model for a photographer, to whom I've pretty much give carte blanche... he can do whatever he wants with my body, as long as I don't get hurt, and so far (with some minor exceptions, i.e. burrs jabbing me in the butt), he's never let me down.

These were taken, as part of a series on homicide, about 2 blocks from my house in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City. They are not your usual urban_decay images, so here's a link to them, but first, the caveats:
a) there's a person in them, namely me.
b) the person in them appears to be dead. She is (I am) not, and the images aren't colorful enough to be overly gory, but if you don't like the idea of such imagery or you're worried that they might trigger anything unpleasant, please don't click.
c) if there's any complaint about this link, this post is going away, and I'll be extremely (seriously) contrite.

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From my "backyard"

I locked myself out of my apartment shooting these when I got home. I’m such a goof. These were in my back area. I should have learned from past experience to bring me Keys. Oh well, I think that they were well worth it.

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This one is a rusting candelabrum. All three are of the same piece, just varying the settings.