August 13th, 2004

Urban Decay

Public Utilities

I sometimes wonder why they bother anymore. Yes not everyone has cell phones, but half of the pay phones and 911 call boxes in the city don’t work anymore. I’m guessing that this isn’t just a problem in NYC. Anyway, by leaving them up to sit and rust and to be graffitied all over, at least it gives me something to shoot. So who says they are no longer being used?

I think that a study was done about a year or two ago that most of these no longer work. There seem to only be a handful of these around the city. I remember seeing a lot more when I was a kid.

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i'm looking for some criticism and opinions about some photos of mine.
what should be shown together, what sucks and why, what works and why. some of these are decayed, some are not. i find the opinions here worth listening to. but if this is deemed inappropriate by the moderator, let me know and i'll delete it.
the link is to my journal. it is image intensive.
thanks for your time.
give it to me