August 14th, 2004

Forgotten Detroit

A friend of a friend used to live in Detroit and told us to check out this website yesterday.
Forgotten Detroit

He said he has been inside Michigan Central and the old Book-Cadillac hotel and the hotel was extremely haunted...supposedly, lol. Haunted by mold and mildew anyway.
This site is fantastic!
Every location is abandoned. Each entry has a photo section.
Please check it out, esp Michigan Central building.
It's massive, if you look at this picture you'll notice the ticket counters look really tiny....they're not! (to give an idea of the scale)
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I've been looking at this community, but this is my first time posting. It's not great, but this is a fence near my house that I took a picture of and it reminded me of this community.


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I'm new here! devila pointed me in this direction a few weeks ago and I'm finally getting around to post here.

these are a pictures of an abandoned hotel in Asbury Park NJ.
I love this particular hotel because it still has it's "fallout shelter" sign on it. I'm really surprised no one has snatched it off...I almost did, but I resisted. I wanted to go inside, there is an open window on the ground floor, but it smelled REALLY bad. Like human icky-poo bad and I've heard there are several homless residents I decided to settle for pictures of the outside.
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Urban Decay


Today walking home from brunch I saw these four bikes chained up outside an NYU dorm. I’m pretty sure they’ve been abandoned. I can’t believe anyone would still ride around on a bike with this much rust, but maybe they do.

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Toronto At Nite

Hope you are all having a nice weekend.

Been meaning to direct you all to a quirky, cute but totally f*****g awesome little video that is right up the DK alley. It is called Street Sweeper Suite by a Canadian steadicam dude named Jeremy Benning. Enjoy.


From the Home page click VIEW REELS

Look to DIRECTORS OF PHOTOGRAPHY column on the left.

Look to the JEREMY BENNING links and click the last one EXTRAS.

In the screening room click on Street Sweeper Suite on the top right.

You'll need the appropriate viewer.

Watch for cameo appearances by Apathy and Ignorance.

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It's Bloombergs fault.

The banner says "We don't want NRP (Neighborhood Redevelopment Program ) we want co-op!" once in English and once in Spanish.

I'm so impressed with the people in this building down the street from me. Their landlord has let the place get all run down in order to try to get them to move out. Now they are calling for forced evictions so they can renovate.
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